The end of the world, a sea of salt

I didn’t have a lot of expectation for visiting Uyunis precious salt flats. I mean, I knew they were unique and kind of a must see. I had seen backpackers taking photos of themselves and objects on the grounds of the salt. Perceiving the objects to be the same size or bigger than them based on how they took the photo. My examples are below:



Yet despite this, it wasn’t the must fulfilling part of the salt flats. It is very much a unique site. KM and Km of salt grounds that is almost desert like. It’s endless of white molecules of salt Infront of you. Going with guide, driving through is limitless. But when you look out into the depths to the mountains fading in the distance like an old Cezanne painting, you wonder if the world was flat then this would be similar to what the edge would look like. And with it’s mystic and bright appearance of sheer white which glows ever more so with the reflection from the sun, you have to sit there in awe and amazement. Giving the flats are so large and vast, this is what makes it spectacular. With the weather warm, it’s a bit of a contrast to what you would imagine, giving that such white landscape normally equals with an ice or snow covered area, meaning more cooler temperatures. Yet here that is not so, and almost feel like you’ve hit another planet with a whole new level of different weather and atmospheric elements to it’s environment. It almost reminded me of fictional planets on sci fi programs or video games, as if I had entered a new portal or world afar.


Further afield water about 2 inches deep filters out. It’s not cold but cool and glides over the salt rock below, with the addition of day light creates a reflective effect.


The sun sets over the white grounds of salt, and as the light reflects all warm full colours are echoing throughout the skies. It surpasses my expectations and was truly unique to anything else I’ve experienced similar too.


How would you feel if you reached what seemed to be, the end of the world?


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