There is no onward route from South America….Unlike Asia

The end of this road – How South America doesn’t have a onward route like Asia does

I’m sat on a nightbus right now. Crammed in full of noisy Bolivians and fidgeting backpackers. I know I’m at the end of my South American travels. Christmas is coming and in going back to England. I have a return flight out but if I take it, it won’t be for more than 6 weeks left on this backpacking trip. I’m looking through my photos on my IPhone, from Melbourne to South America. I look at all the people I met in Asia and then again in Australia. That was the route, follow the yellow brick road in Asia, all the way to Oz. And that was a journey and a chapter in itself, like I’ve wrote about previously. Everyone was on a journey there. To backpacker the wanderlust grounds of exotic Asia, to then follow into to Australia, to live a good life, in the sun, being paid well. So that journey didn’t have a real expiry date until I left Australia. Always feeling part of the same group of backpackers, on a trip, an adventure. It felt we were one together, that this was our time. And that was special ya know? Unique. I don’t think there are many backpacking routes that combine two continents in one chapter. Well, not a more popular one. After Asia there was not a feeling of being lost or bewildered as such, but just the second part of the chapter. However I must admit it took me a while to get over Asia because it’s ASIA…


South America is a journey by itself. One continent, one chapter. Destiny on it’s own. There is no real onward journey. Most people are going back home. In fact everyone seems to be. There is no part two, this place is what it is. So then I wonder about meeting the people again I’ve met. I mean, of course it happen with some, but the same as one journey as to Australia? Nah. You haven’t travelled unless you’ve been to South America they say. Well, it is a unique continent. It’s tough but rewarding. It has some of the worlds wonders in it’s palms. It has the sun, wind, rain, snow, all in one. You get the feeling everyone is here, well about 90% of travellers are here for something they like. You get some who are just drifting on through for the same of it or don’t have a real interest in the amazon things to do here. Like people going to Australia for there ‘new life’. Asia is just in the way and they stop off to get hammered. Where as South America is something. It’s on it’s own in this world and what a great continent it is. I’ve seen so many world class places, I don’t think there are many other continents with so much to offer. And for a place in that such high regard, maybe it shouldn’t be associated with an onward country where backpackers head too. It is South America. It’s glory is itself. To have came here has been amazing, another learning curve, another ‘best so many months of my life ‘.




This is the next step of travelling for most, and there journeys then onwards, well that’s the best part, unlike most in Asia, it’s unknown. And I can’t wait.



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