A Buenos Aires Bromance

Part 2 of this trip, time to reflect, lay back and enjoy a non pressured 6 weeks in South America. I mean, overall it has been like that. I haven’t splurged on big tours or trips. Apart from the odd 20 dollar steak meal, which is too hard to resist in Argentina. Anyway, I meet 4 Americans, a Dutch and an Ozzie. Portal Del Sur the hostel. Cute, old fashioned, and has real old age weird hostel vibe to it. My buddy Josh, one of the Yanks, I met in Peru. He was on the way to BA after we messaged and it came as a surprise to see him again, having no idea what his steps were.


Its one of things when you backpack, you can have all the plans and intentions in the world to move on, see the next place and not get stuck somewhere. However, sometimes you have to embrace the moment you are in and enjoy it for what it is. It will never be the same again, you will all never be in the same place again most probably. There wasn’t anything particularly crazy about our time, but it was nice to just have that new lease of energy together which occurs when you meet people for the first time. Not to complicate things, just to live how you feel. In all honesty, we ate steak and got drunk, learnt about one anothers cultures, had some hilarious laughs and jokes, and just were present there. It was almost like we lived there, and just a group of guys hanging out.

Caleb and Carl, Californians. Such a laid back attitude. In particular Caleb, such a funny, harmless guy who always was smiling. It’s good to have that energy and relaxation amongst a group, because it is contagious.



So the first part of my trip back, wasn’t was how I expected it, but thats okay. I was back in South America, and comfortable, happy, and for once, generally chilling out with no great expectations. And right now, we are all over the world again. Continuing with our lives, our adventures. From Uruguay, USA, Brazil, Argentina and Australia, the moment has gone. But eating steak and drinking beer in Buenos Aires, Argentina? Sometimes life isn’t all about doing the extreme things, somethings in life are just the simpler times. And these memories will last good time.


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