10 Reasons Why You Can Lose Weight Travelling

We all know the myth. Guys lose weight travelling, girls put on weight travelling. Yet, from my experiences in South East Asia for 9 months and from South America for a similar period, I’ve made note of things that have helped me lose weight. Some purposely, some just because it happens.



Partying – Hitting the bars and clubs or consuming alcohol are the biggest tools to forming new relationships and a huge social communication key. For most people, the more you party regularly, the more chance you have less of an appetite the next day. You’ll skip breakfast as you are just getting in or still stuck on your pillow, and before you know it it’s party time again. I lost 15 kg in se Asia and have many backpacker friends who were the same.


Humidity – Again appetite is less because of the heat but also you swear more and to be honest, going to the toilet can be, let’s say, runny and wet. You are emptying your body out and the heat is shriveling your body mass.


Food – Local food is normally quite healthy and light. Take Asia for example. Noodle soup is light but filling. Street foods will be self made and not containing all the processed contents that maybe fast food chains will have.

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Walking – We have to walk, to get to places, to save money, to see things and this ill lose the fat for sure. It adds up and whether we it’s to the bus station or to a place we’d like to visit, it is getting done more than back home.


Sex – Generally, we hook up more away because backpackers have more open minds and a good attitude on doing what is one of the most natural things in our lives. Back home there are stupid stigmas and games to play before you get your leg over normally. Sex is exercise and if you are at it like many are, then thats good exercise!


Sleep – Sleeping more on overnight journeys or nap time is frequent and the more your eyes are closed the less you consume! Sometimes sleep can be deprived though if you are on a schedule or staying in noisy dorms, for whatever reason that may be.


Activities – These are all fun and when you travel, the outdoors have plenty to offer. WHether its hiking or scuba diving for example, these are sports or active excursions that will keep the body moving. Win win situations.


Smoking – Not to encourage this terrible habit, but in some hotspot backpacker continents cigarettes are cheap. The more you will smoke if they are cheaper. Smoking mostly suppresses the appetite also.


Water – If it’s hot weather then carrying and drinking water is key . You’ll see lots of people carrying water bottles. It’s better than sugary pop drinks we’d sometimes prefer. The heat allows us to choose water first.


Stress free – Backpacking allows us to relax and love the life we are in. That may come most from sitting on the beach, being in the ocean, lavishing in the jungle or simply having a beer, stress can be the pre-cause of gaining weight easier.



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