Back on a Bike, Back by Ocean

It had been nearly two years since I had plunged my backside onto a leather seat of a motorbike, scooter or something similar. That was on the islands of Thailand towards the end of that trip. This time I was with company, and we suggested the idea to each other of getting a bike for more views and accessibility. This time it was in sunny and sleepy, Uruguay. The place, Punta Del Este. Actually one of the most expensive places in South America. Rather than the 10 dollars a day renting in SE Asia, this time for 24 hours it was 50USD. At the time I was dubious of paying so much, but I soon found my love again for the open road.



Punta Del Este is known for its luxury beaches, high line buildings, beaming yachts and fancy restaurants. I was taking a vacation from the vacation. Paola, the Peruvian Princess I call her, soaking up her annual leave from work.
We rode ocean side of Punta Del Este, taking in that fresh breeze from the outer, marvelling at the carpet of natural blue waters in our path. The sense of freedom had been rediscovered again. We could go anywhere. As sometimes, when you travel, the efficiency of public or arrange transport can almost feel like we are postage, being packed her to post to another place. Tinned tuna I say, being shipped around. Flying and Bussing are the typical ways to get from one place to another. My great uncle once said to me “ Driving yourself, you see so much more. You see the inbetween lands and experience the place more”. Well, this is what we had now. And by I regretted not doing this sooner.


We ventured to Casa Pueblo, a unique, white medieval looking structure, created by Uruguayans late and famous artist Carlos Paez Viralo, whom we learnt about much more that day. In fact, the day we got there, was coincidentally his one years anniversary since his passing. We even got to meet his widow who was pleasant and endearing. Now, if we hadn’t ha d a bike, to breeze into that place, then things like this wouldn’t of happened. The bike gives you the ability to create your own venture destiny. It allows you to be openly free to the earth we live on.



I marveled in the energy that the bike gave me mentally. It morphed a new lease of life into me. It gave us both the opportunity to explore, in the sunshine along the coast of Uruguay, being in the moment. Rather than stop starting at tourist points for photo taking, the use of your own transport really is something to take into consideration.
All be it travelling is freedom, backpacking is and that’s the main reason I strive for such adventures, doing it your own way, well, there is nothing beating that. Noted for next time.


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