Five is My in Uruguay

Uruguay, such a sleepy little place to venture in. It’s coastline, scattered with beaches of all kinds. It’s very laid back approach to living is somewhat majestic and hippie like. It brought a simple ooze of smoothness exfoliating in and around the energies of the body. It creates calm and tranquillity.


Heading into Montevideo, a cute City I was looking forward to exploring. Monuments of independence and heroes are dotted it’s environs and on every corner. It’s Estadio Cenetenario is a wonder and echoes history, being the first stadium to hold the World Cup. That alone, with it’s old concrete seats, the eerie empty seats and size of the place, you can close your eyes and think in black and white. Think of the crammed in fans cheering, the old fashioned clothes and grumbles of men. The ‘proper’ ways a football match should be played, with grit and determination. The intriguing interest it would have gained because of it’s recent introduction back then. That it’s was the milestone, the gem of Montevideo, and I’d love to go back and watch a match there.



There is a beach in Montevideo, a couple actually, which are not amazing but enough to lie in the sand. The shore isn’t huge but enough for an afternoon dozing off in the sun. The Plaza Indenpencia runs off into little streets and old town territory. With shops and restaurants at every look as it narrows off down to the harbour.

18 De Julio Avenue provides a huge street with retail and food stores on both sides, almost centring the city really. Well worth a stroll down there.



A romantic, odd little place which is now a UNESCO Heritage site. More for a romantic getaway than a mates day out, it boasts old colonial buildings full of colour which make up the holiday brochure picture. It has cobbled streets and a very chilled vibe. The town itself isn’t far from the bus terminal and you can get around by walking here. Not need to take a taxi. Head to the Cultural Centre for a bit or maybe the handi-craft markets a block behind that. Some really interesting finds here.




Punta Del Este

Awesome in the summer, albeit expensive really. It has nice beaches with high rise buildings. Great food restaurants and a centre to explore. I stayed at F & F hostel which was great, had Chivitos on tap, a pool and beer. I headed to Soho and Moby Dick bars near the Port on the night. Even though it began at 2-3am! The port during the day offers Sea Lions sleeping, which can be quite ferocious really if awoken. A beautiful but luxurious yaht parking bay to look at. The City area or Galero is full of shops of clothes and restaurants really. We ate at an amazing restaurant called Fish and Chips. We had the obvious but also Thai Rolls too. Delicious! Rented a bike to fly around the coast of the beaches, into Casa Pueblo to check out Carlos Paez Viralos work. Beautiful place full of exploring. A favourite.



Cabo Polonio

My favourite because of its back to basic and hippe feel. Not to mention sandwiched between two beaches, a lack of electricity which eliminates the whole (People looking down on their phone hostel scenario). It has markets full of stalls and natural relicts. To the west it has nice sand dunes to scorch the feet on and with a ocean full of breaks for the avid surfers. An end of the world like settlement. A place to chill and get back to world without anything hectic.




Punta Del Diablo

Known to be a tad hippie like too, Diablo has a great beach in one stretch with both ends for different people it seemed. The east side for families and kids towards the restaurant areas, whilst the west more towards the secluded area of the town, full of couples and backpackers. Waves aren’t that good for surf but the water is refreshing. The town itself almost resembles a wild west kind of place with its hut like stores and dirt sand roads.




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