The Zeus of Waterfalls – Iguazu

I remember a few years ago, before I had backpacked how I had seen photos of Iguazu in a travel brochure. It was given to me from a colleague at my then job. I was looking into nature in and around South America. I remember been taken back in as much awe as possible that a photograph can create. It’s natural, exotic, other-realm like appearance. Like the water slide into a lost underwater world. I remember pointing and poking at the picture, making a dent in the plastic cover and thinking ‘I’m going there someday’.

Three to Four Years on, after so much has happened in my life both back home and backpacking since, I find myself here. The end of my trip in South America, Three years from home and I’d finally made it to the location where my finger had been pointing at in that travel magazine. The Falls of Iguazu.


It was far superior than I imagined. Walking through the jungle beside the train tracks to the first lookout point, with a fellow backpacker from Canada. Hushing and pushing past the ‘prawn sandwich eating tourists’ we got to the railings for a closer look. The velocity of the water powering down into the depths was incredible. One would expect a man made machine to create such dynamic and devastating strength. The water flowed and crashed down beneath us where mists of foam and showers would fog out the sights below us. The Devils throat they call it. The water valleys of Hades to me.
Heading around the back of this gigantic natural water hole in the earth, which by the way splits Brazil and Argentina, with Paraguay nearby, it was time to get a more scenic view of this world wonder.


The view we finally managed to achieve was breathtaking. Sandwiched in between was almost like a deserted island, something like you would see of a pre-scene movie sequence on a Tomb Raider or Uncharted Game. It looked less inhabited but added to the incredible real life illusion that my eyes laid on.


Before coming here, I thought Kaeiteur Falls in Guyana wouldn’t be beaten, due to its natural and unique position in the middle of the Sierra Nevada. Not to mention Angel Falls being spectacular too, here is a reminder of them:



But Iguazu had triumphed and won hands down for me. It’s exotic body had seduced me. It’s size had me in worship. It’s natural existence had me hooked.
Media work will never do places like this justice. To be there, to feel the breeze of water, to be in its surrounding grasp of mountain, water, drops and jungle. To adore it’s beautiful appearance. To fear it’s wrath. To endure its presence. There was nothing like it.

Iguazu Falls. If not a King, a God.



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