With Love from Lima

It was time to take a break from the backpacking. ‘A vacation from the vacation’ some like to say. I was going to be spending a week with someone else. A time to go for nice food, chill on the beach, be a casual tourist. Paola, the Peruvian Princess I like to call her, I had met in Lima months before. She had annual leave from work and wanted to visited me in Buenos Aires and then take a small trip to Punta Del Este. I had just got back from Carnival in Sao Paolo and Brazil, and I wanted rest time.

Sometimes on the road, you are alone alot, and even if you are travelling with someone for a long time, it can become predictable and too easy to leave the comfort zone. Well, this was the opposite for me, I got to spend some nice time with a person I cared for. And whatever may happen, the company was a real relief to have. I noticed that we worked well together, as a team, again, whatever may happen. But we compromised and suggested ideas to each other. We discussed what we wanted to do and where. We shared money also, which made it manageable and less chance of splurging on things we didn’t need.


Buenos Aires we strolled around. Whether we were walking down Florida Street looking for souvenirs, or eating in the famous Cafe Tortolini eating Carne Sandwiches and Chocolate cake.


The Japanese Gardens were peaceful and precise as we took photos and chatted by the carp filled rivers. The first night in Buenos Aires, was slightly spontaneous.


We were headed to a well known Steak restaurant, but in our path, there was a small area jamming area, where a band was playing in an open spaced yard, with market food and drinks nearby. I grew up on this kind of thing back in England, my parents would love that sort of thing, so we decided to check it out rather than going for the glamour of a sparking wine glass. Steak sandwiches and beer was the order whilst we mingled with the hippie and alternative people there. Sometimes to share times like that with someone, is pretty awesome. That’s not my story, I’m not use to that really, everything is solo or in groups, so to put a smile on Paola’s face was rewarding. I loved to introduce her to new things, explain things as much as I could, to see her happy. Her warmth and fascination was beautiful. She is a workaholic back in Lima, I tell her she works too long and she should take a break more. Well now was her time. And I was there to help guide her with me.





We headed to Punta Del Este, in Uruguay. Pao had wanted to go there, for the beach and relaxation. It was my second time in sleepy Uruguay. The first day we walked around, checking out some sea lions sleeping at the port. The second day we hired a motorbike which really widened our options. We drove by the ocean road, headed to some beaches, checked out the jewel that is Casa Pueblo, roaming freely around Del Este. We took snaps at Mano Del Este, the hand mark point of the place. We ventured out to other towns on the bike. We even had Fish & Chips which was delicious and a thought of home for me, being British.



This all was different for me. Well at least a change from my recent travels. It was gentle and calm, no intent or pressure to do anything. We were on ‘holiday’. We all deserve a break, whatever that may be. Each to their own. It doesn’t have to be complicated or such a mammoth place really. You get the feeling travellers can be in competition with others to see the best sites first. To brag about them. “I’ve been here, and there”. The ones I see talking about them are the ones most miserable. They seem to be doing for the wrong reasons, they are not internally happy. It’s almost about ego. When really, you have to do what you want. And enjoy. Live well, don’t defeat yourself, treat yourself.


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