End of an Era, But I Go Again..

So South America, Part 2 is closing. A trip that has spanned 9 months, 3 more than planned. 10 out of 11 Countries accomplished in plans set. South America was chapter 2 for me, but overall, in the whole scheme of things, South America is really the end of a 3 year plan that could really be in 1 Part of my travels.

Since the World Cup was announced it would be taking place in Brazil, I knew I would attend in some capacity, and some of South America after. Back then, things were different in my life that at the time it still would have been difficult to achieve. However, for circumstances which were not foreseen, nor ideal, the opportunity to travel has arose for me. And I’ve taken it with both hands. I’m not waiting for life to fail me again.

South East Asia was always first. The eye opener, the tin opener. The first trip, the catapult into the world. Australia was a choice made precariously, based on job opportunities and monetary rewards. Infact, Australia was chosen with South America in mind. And South America, has been mammoth I have to admit. I thought Asia was exhausting, Australia was hard work, but South America has been intense but full of discoveries and justifications. It is time though, to put this particular trip behind me.

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I rarely write about what my wishes are and plans are on a detailed basis. All but knowing things in life can interfere with such dreams that can tear them to shreds. That even the mention or profound wish can put a mystical or mental jinx on it. But here I am at the end of this trip. And unlike at the end of SE Asia, where I wasn’t ready to leave, and was in too in love with the glory and freedom that experience brought, South America I feel as though I’ve had my time here. At least for this period. It has naturally came to an end, whether I had more energy or spends available, I think it is the time to go. I’m looking forward to building on my life in other ways. In reuniting friendships, in working in something I enjoy, into living well and taking care of my body, in maturing more and being comfortable with my everyday decision. There seems to be a kind of a fluidity that has been created since the turn of 2015 for me. A gust of energy flowing through my body and mind, tranquillity at its beginning. I for one want this to continue. But I know the pitfalls of life and pressure that the modern world puts us under. All people reach and fall. I’m in the content phase, the drifting happily, un-intentionally, wading through life, taking things in and being more at ease with its options.


Honestly, the end of this trip and this 3 year experience, which really now feels to me, looking back, as one whole ball of adventure. There is a pressure that has been lifted off myself, an acceptance almost granted from my family and home friends, a life which now appears to be certainly a more purposeful one in my eyes. I have found love in many ways. Especially freedom, which travel brings to the table. Maybe it’s my age also. Still 27, but I feel slightly older still. More wise and meaningful.


This for me is a new Part in my journey. A new chapter of course, but a new way of living I foresee coming ahead. Something which I’m fearful and happy of. I’m still finding my feet in this world in the whole scheme of things. Yet there is a place for me, I know that. I’ve been in many places which I can fit in and live. But the place I want, is still part of the searching phase. And how does that little rhyme go again? My Grandma gave me something which posted a note to me, ending with something like….

‘It’s not the destination, it’s the journey of the ride…’


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