From South America to Salad & Sushi

So, where do I begin again? The last time I wrote I was leaving South America. A mammoth 9 month journey that has come to an end. A new journey has started, albeit back to a place where I had lived for over a year. That’s right, I’m back in Australia. Back in Melbourne.

photo 1

I normally don’t address my blogs like this, directly to you, the reader. But, given my absence I thought that it would make a nice change, to show you where I’m headed and what’s going on with me. As I promised myself, life would be a little bit different this time around. After a full on 3 years, I’m living quite a calm lifestyle. I’ve met up with friends for reunions for Coffee and Asian food, rather than Beers and Tequila shots. I’m living with a friend at the moment and that’s pretty rad. I’m working away, and looking forward to my day’s free, a big difference from having every day free whilst backpacking,. With this though there comes a different appreciation when most of your time is taken up for working. My days off have been visiting the beaches of Victoria, and generally other relaxing activities. I have been writing, more so making inroads for other travel publications.

But I can say I’m happy. I’m happy to be content, even just for a while. I’m feeling healthier, and in a place which I love, where I have friends from previous times, rather than constantly making new friends. Melbourne really can be valued as the closest place to be considered ‘home’ to me at the moment. Things are going to change eventually I believe, but right now things are going fairly smoothly.

There are some things I miss about South America at the moment, and I have no doubt in my mind other memories and experiences will crop up in time.

I miss the heat and humidity in Colombia. I miss the life that a dorm room brings. I miss wearing flip flops ALL the time. I miss having that feeling of going to see something new everyday. I miss the conversations with backpackers even if they are repetitive. I miss good empanadas. I miss the Galapagos.





As you can see that is quite a lot!! But that is natural for any traveller to go back to ‘reality’. It is crazy how one minute you can be in thought of how you may have a long time to go before the return to the modern world, and then before you know it, here iam, sitting in a Library, surrounded by people studying there arses off, on a Tuesday, just beginning a new working week.

Well, some things I have become newly & re-accustomed to. Such as coffee, sushi, quiet time at the beach, eating salad, sleeping throughout and catching up with old friends.




These things have getting me through my days and little mini luxuries that I enjoy. A long way off from the up’s and down luxuries backpacking provides! However, there are further plans in mind, and I’m just pitching my tent up for a cup of tea and rest of the legs. And I’ll look forward to sharing some more of them with you as I go again. Between that though, I’ll write some articles for my blog on memories of South America, before I get started on any new journeys.

Cheers to that…



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