26 Things To Know Before Visiting Fiji

1. Fiji is for backpackers too.

Despite it’s reputation as a beach resort for the prawn sandwich-eating tourists, you can backpack this beauty of a country. Street food is cheap as is local transport and hostels.


2. It isn’t just a boring resort.

Continuing on, there is so much to do. You can island hop, spearfish, scuba dive, and jungle hike, skydive and party all here. It isn’t just about sitting on a beach..

3. You can keep the cost down.

Local food can be as cheap as $1 for a two-rolled Roti from the street. Markets are common especially in Cities like Nadi and Suva.

4. Although Island Hopping can be expensive..

Saying that, to really book a tour of continuous island hopping, they can add up with prices. Either pay a local who has a boat or be specific about the islands you want to see.

5. Fiji is a third world country still.

You may only see crystal clear water and beautiful beaches, but Fiji is poor still in the local areas. Be cautious of this.

6. Fiji is multi-religious.

It’s important to respect each religion here. Whether that means covering up when appropriate or respecting each ones choice. Christian, Muslim and Hindu are three to name.


7 .Fijians are the friendliest

You will never beat a most friendly nation of people. BULA!!


8. It’s clear waters baby…

Seriously there are. Amazing visibility almost everywhere you go. Turquoise waters to fully enjoy!


9. Diving and snorkelling are some of the worlds best.

Snorkelling with sharks is pretty common here, but the one of the worlds BEST shark dives exists here. From Bull to Tiger sharks, if you love this kind of thing, you got to do it.


10. Fiji time…

Forget your European standards, Fiji time is ALL you will hear here. Just sit back and relax and let Fiji do the rest.

11. The cigarettes are harsh…

Smokers! Not to encourage it but these cheap cigarettes are more like cigars.

12. Smokers again! RED weed exists..

Never heard of it? Well if you get your hands on this stuff its what the locals smoke. Pretty darn hazy. Get the Pringles ready.

13. Castaway Island is definitely worth the trip

Just like Maya Bay in Thailand for the movie ‘The Beach’, Castaway Island is truly amazing. And it doesn’t have as many two-finger photo-taking tourists either.


14. Accommodation sense?!

Book online before you go, prices double at walk in value. Pfft!

15. If in Nadi, head to Newtown Beach

Most people hang here as it has an array of accommodation, such as the favourite Bamboo or its sister place Tropicana Capricorn Hotel.


16. But for a day trip, maybe the 4th best beach in the world..

Natadola Beach.


17. Try Kava

This natural plant mud induced drink is a ritual here for Fijian’s. You may feel a bit numb but you have to try it.


18. Common Fiji’n Phrases

Bula (Hello) Vanaka (Thank You) Lamo Kei (Come Here) Lei Lei (Crazy!)

19. Fijian’ Food

Normally either a curry or some fresh Fish, the cuisine here is tasty but spicy. It may make you go to the toilet a little quicker though given it’s different bacterial ingredients.


20. Fishing is mandatory

Well you don’t have to, but a lot of the locals rely on this method, and in particular spear fishing.


21. But the WIFI kinda sucks…

Most places its terrible, you might be lucky though.

22. German takeover.

Everywhere. Just everywhere.

23. Hitch-hiking is common.

You can catch a ride by the old thumb out technique, and Fijian’s given there nature will happily apply.

24. Taxi, Bus, Car, Scooter, Transport is decent….

It’s fairly easy to get around here. Taxis are cheap, buses are even cheaper, but strangely Cars are cheaper than Scooters for hire. Anyway, they are available.

25. Tropical Weather

You will either burn or tan in the sun, or you’ll get drenched in the down pour rain.


26. That you want to come back.

This place will always be in your heart to return one day.


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