Pattaya for 12 Hours

As we left the Wolfpack, I was relieved to have a travel buddy with me. Me and Rob had a bit of a bromance going on. He was easy going with what to do and where to go. I had been given some advice that Pattaya was a good place to party. However the word ‘Pattaya’ means something a lot different to me. It’s reputation that I was to discover was something that to me, is everything that is wrong with the world.


We arrived at Pattaya late at night. We searched for hostels but none were to be found so we ended up checking into this hotel. We were tired but excited to go search for a party and some backpacker vibes. Funny we found Walking Street. A complete whore-ville of a place. Seedy old and desperate men looking for a dominant nanosecond time with local on offer Thai women. There screeches ignited by only words from a white western men immediately gave me the notion that this was a fake world. Love does not exist here. I was appalled at the time. I mean, I understand it. There is two ways with this. One gets pleasure, the other gets money. And maybe in today’s society we still have that fairytale love story we have in our mind and look to reach out for. The ideal woman, the trophy wife. The love at first sight, everything must be perfect scenario. And prostitution is the worlds oldest trade. It’s nothing new. What upset me was the preaching of young local Thai women. Capitalising on their lack of wealth and in choice. I see men who come here because they have not got the opportunities in their own country. They are not patient enough, and want to be in complete control. To feel like ‘the man’. A beautiful country such as Thailand, with a respectful humble religious beliefs in Buddhism, it really annoyed me they let the seedy, chav, bogan, red-neck, non-appreciative, undeserving people in – to increase the sex tourism trade. Of course, it’s not feasible to judge someone on their intentions, but it’s a trend that is part of the ways in Pattaya, and of course other places in Thailand. The places that destroy and ruin the world. That give bad reputations. It is what it is, and it goes on everywhere. People will look at the positive and bright side of it. It wasn’t something I could comprehend. I was in love with Asia too much for anyone to have destroyed it’s reputation. I wanted the worldly people here that’s it, to examine its life rather than take advantage of it. I was away from all of that chav shit. I wanted open minds around me.


Me and Rob had a few drinks and ended up reluctantly but more curiously playing Connect 4 with local strippers. It was all a bit surreal and uncomfortable. I remember hitting a club and two seedy Scottish guys, who thought they were some guys by being able to call a lady over and bring her for me. “20 dollars for 24 hours mate, she’ll even wipe your arse and brush your teeth. You want this one? She likes you”. Wow. She likes me? She doesn’t like any of us mate. She looks miserable. She hasn’t got a fuckin’ choice, she needs the money. Who the fuck are you? This was all in my head. We left un-noticed. Apart from a few snaps and a few more beers, a broken hotel key and Rob falling asleep leaning on his hand, including time there and sleep, by 9am we were gone out of that place.

8461_10152850451195004_1521011839_n 10005_10152850451270004_721372835_n

“Never again I said.” Let’s go South. We set off onto Hua Hin.

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