It’s been a while…

So I haven’t posted since April. I’m still very much on with my plans, and everything is going okay, but as some of you bloggers know that it’s difficult to blog whilst not actually travelling. For the last 5 months I’ve been in Melbourne, Australia again, like my last post. Really I have just been living here, travelling around Victoria too – well not including the 2 week amazing trip to Fiji in between. That trip I have some content and pieces ready in the making, and I’ll look at add that in time. More so, I’m trying to find the right developer to build a new site, which a lot of new features and information. Linking everything together in which I’ve gathered over the last 3 years. I think its about time I have one other than a WordPress one such as this. I’ve been continuously on the road for 35 months, one month short of 3 years, and that is not many people do this. Of course people travel and travel a lot, but ultimately being away from home and working to travel, then backpacking somewhere, then working to travel again, then backpacking somewhere, not to mention both in new countries and continents,  it takes some doing. I plan for this to continue for the very foreseeable future. Yet, just to remind you though, England is my home, and specifically the North East, but for me my life has yet to find it’s full purpose. Although travelling is a purpose for me, for sure.


Just to touch on the site thing again, I know now I need my own brand. My own identity. I’m way behind schedule. I still have articles from my time in SE Asia and India, over 2 years ago, to write deeply about. I have old and new with points and scribbles still over one or two of my laptops. That content in itself will take time. I didn’t take as much care with the media side when in Asia, I was too much indulged in this backpacking life, and of course the euphoria that is SE Asia. For me, still the best continent because of how it makes you feel, and the energy it creates. That was the happiest time of my life for sure, and to document that properly, or at least with some real thought and precision, that will take some thought.

So once I get my website up and running, I can begin to add my articles and other content in. That’s a big reason why I’m refraining from writing as much, even if I’m not travelling and not being motivated, hell, I’ve got a shit load to write about still. Nevermind what I’ve done, but what I’ve learnt, how I’ve felt, the comparisons to normal life, travel love and how that amplifies connections, how I’ve changed a s person. I can write about anything really so freely, that I truly feel will be interesting to people who read my stuff, to be inspired, or even if they are curious without sounding much self absorbed.

I’ve been in Melbourne, with some friends. I’ve reunited with backpackers from South America and SE Asia. I’m going well. Life is a little bit more on a juggling scale at the moment, and the next steps are the things are really what I have my mind on. I was planning on volunteering in Nepal, and then be working in New Zealand by now, not before I didn’t make the Canadian Visa. My ideas are Central America or go into more of Oceania. I had to get a new passport, now I’m thinking of studying in Australia. Hell, I had a days moment that Barcelona would be somewhere I wanted to go new and work next.

Right now, it’s each day. Prior to Fiji, I had been travelling a bit throughout Victoria. Erskine Falls, Wilsons Prom, The 1000 Steps, Philip Island, Great Ocean Road, Toolangi Rainforest, Peninsula Hot Springs  and Yarra Valley have all been and done. That kept me going up until Fiji.  Fiji was awesome, and quickly began a favourite country of mine. You’ll hear more about that soon. For now, I’m in Melbourne. I have to make a decision what I’m doing next by the end of September.





But you’ll hear from me before then, and likely to have my website at least online. In the meantime, follow me on Facebook and Instagram. Ohh, by the way, totally forgot to mention. I’ve changed my travel domain name. Although it still has the name ‘fromtommywalker’ involved, I’m now ‘ The Wandering Walker’. So look me up on them social network sites for some pictures and general updates.

It has now definitely at the point where, travelling isn’t the experiences happening now and again, or here and there, or every so many months. Due to my continual ventures, my life is travelling.


One thought on “It’s been a while…

  1. It really is difficult to write a travel blog post whilst traveling or when you’re not traveling at all. Well, to those who have itchy feet like us, traveling is an endless pursuit of finding the truest meaning of life. Well, that’s what ‘life’ is all about, right? By the way, stumbled upon your blog because of your south america posts. It’s one of my dream destinations and hopefully I’d get to visit the other side of the planet. Your south america posts are rad bro. keep it up! Greetings from the sunny yet sometimes stormy Philippines!

    PS: you look like Oli Pettigrew. Haha!

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